So, this is my blog.

It’s kind of my running blog. It’s also kind of my weight-loss blog. It’s also kind of food blog. Then again it’s also kind of my life blog. Basically, it covers the essence of Joshua (I should patent that and make it into a cologne, no?), if you will.

For a number of years I have maintained separate blogs for those aspects in my life. I guess you could kind of call me a blog bigamist? But, it was always too much to maintain and I would end up just focusing on my running and weight-loss. But, there’s more to my story than just running and losing 180lbs. Much more.

That’s why I decide to consolidate my blogs into one. Hence, why were are here under the name Running180. I will talk a lot about my running, my weight-loss and fitness goals and then just life. I’ll share recipes, daily pictures, humor, inspiration, etc. And, in turn I hope that helps you get to know me a bit better and hopefully a bit more motivated to get the most out of what you want in life.

You also might be wondering why the name Running180? Well, simply put, for a number of reasons. First, because I’ve lost 180lbs. through diet, exercise and running. Second, because I have a goal to run 180 races over 13.1 miles before I am 40. And, third because running has helped turn my life around 180 degrees. It’s been a saving grace and lifesaver. That’s why I chose the name and I hope I convey that throughout the blog.

If you find value in my story and blog please share with others. My hope out of all of this is to be a motivation to anyone needing that spark to turn around their life. Running is a healing sport and has definitely healed past wounds in my life.

So, welcome, enjoy your stay!