Fartlek Friday XVI: Let The Month Of Races Commence

Welp, the dawn of the running season is among us. Tomorrow I will be running the Salt Lake City Half Marathon (58th race and 53rd half overall) which will be my first of five consecutive race weekends. I just realized that I’ll be racing five consecutive weekends after Becky pointed it out to me the other day (I should really start looking at my schedule much better, eh?).

I got interviewed by the podcast “Half Size Me” on Monday. More info about when my episode will air to come later.

I’m not complaining, quite the opposite really. I’m really excited. I’ve got the SLC Half this weekend, then the Winter Circuit 30K next weekend, the Provo City Half on May 3rd, the Vigor Big Cottonwood Half on May 10th and then the Ironwill Half on May 17th. I’ve been toying with the idea of running the Alpine Classic Half (which I ran last year) on May 24th, but the motivation for that just isn’t there. Plus, it’s a lot of hills. Not my most favorite thing in the world (well that and talking to an automated prompt call system).

But, I also might be road tripping it to Texas with my brother that weekend, but more on that later.

My love for Frozen Yogurt is eternal. E-T-E-R-N-A-L. That means never ending with no end.

But, the running season is TRULY among us. I am excited, I am pumped, I am ready and I won’t ever know what it feels like to sleep in FOR A LONG TIME. It’s that time of the year where you get those 2am wake up calls so you can catch a 4am bus up the canyon. Which also means all those wild and crazy Friday nights now end before the sun sets.

Sometimes I feel like running is preparing me for kids? Or maybe senior citizenship? (Sidenote: My Grandma goes to bed at 7pm most nights and last week I heard her taking a bath at 4:30am. 4:30AM!!!).

I really do love racing season. Well, it’s a combination of running and summer weather. Plus, there are so many gorgeous places to run here in Utah. Especially all those canyons. I absolutely love it. I am really excited to spend time running, being friends, making new friends and working towards my 2014 goals.

Picture opts are the best at Comic Con. Here I am with Sharknado in September. I love her face. Priceless. I hope I see her again.

This past week has been really busy with other things besides running. The Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX is in full swing. I’ve been working it since yesterday and was working a ghost hunt last night until 2:30am (with another one tonight). It’s exhausting, but TREMENDOUSLY fun. I’ll blog more about my experience next week. Just know that if you’re not there you’re missing out.

Oh, yeah … and Easter is this weekend. I would write more about that, but we’re celebrating next weekend when we have more family in town. Plus, the whole family is involved in Comic Con so I’m sure we’ll all be catching up on our sleep on Sunday.

Besides running and Comic Con there’s been a number of other things that have caught my attention this week. Here are just a few …

  • Have you noticed the subtle changes I’ve made to the blog? I changed the banner design a bit. The main logo is different and the pictures rotate telling more about my story. Stay tuned for a few more changes in the weeks to come …
  • This seems fitting with Comic Con and all happening this weekend.
  • Since tax day was this past week I found this pretty interesting …
  • Welp, the Jazz nightmare season is finally over. Actually, I don’t know if you would really call it a nightmare because it was kind of expected, but I am ready for next year already.
  • Now, I’m praying for Jabari Parker to join the Jazz.
  • Speaking of sports the NHL playoffs are underway … GO SHARKS!
  • Gosh, I can’t wait until Shark Week is here again.
  • If you are wondering … the Tiger Shark is my favorite shark. The Great White is awesome, but the Tiger Shark. That’s one bad … shark. They’re like the Chuck Norris of the sea.
  • Speaking of Chuck Norris I love this sign from a marathon. So true.
  • Okay this gave me a smile and a waterfall down my cheeks.
  • I might have also gotten the same reaction to this as well.
  • Sometimes I catch myself on “the road less traveled” and by that I mean, the longest possible way to do the easiest of tasks.
  • I’m still trying to figure out my July races. I’m signed up so far for just the Timp Half (July 19). But, I plan on doing a back-to-back half on July 11th and 12th. One will be the Midnight Legacy Run on the 11th and then other one will most likely be the Farmington Days Half, but there’s also a canyon-to-canyon half run that day in Salt Lake … so I am not sure.
  • I am also debating if I want to a half marathon on Pioneer Day or a local 5K? Decisions, decisions, decisions …
  • I really wish there was a half marathon around here in Salt Lake City on the 4th of July weekend.
  • I feel like I need to declare my love for frozen yogurt right now. I LOVE YOU FROYO!
  • Oh gosh why I did I have to see this?
  • This just looks nasty.
  • I hate KFC, but this commercial made me laugh.
  • I was interviewed by the podcast Half Size Me on Monday night. What an awesome experience! I am not sure when my episode will go live, but I will keep you posted. I love being able to share my story with others.
  • I’ve had a few people mention that I should start my own podcast. I’m not sure? It’s a lot of work. I would be more apt to doing a YouTube vlog though. But, I don’t know how exciting that would really be?
  • But, my true desire is to one day become a Vine Superstar. Some day …
  • Have I expressed my love for FroYo yet today?
  • I should give this to my co-worker.
  • Easter candy has to honestly be the best seasonal candy. Ever. How can you beat Peeps, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies? You can’t? Christmas has chocolate Santas, but no jelly beans or Peeps. Sure there’s Snowman Peeps, but I don’t count those. EASTER CANDY ROCKS!!!
  • My favorite Easter candy by far is Spiced Jelly Beans. I bought $20 worth (about 18 packages) that last me the year. I don’t eat them outside of running though. I take a few on long runs and my races. Last year I ran out of my last ones in October.
  • Sometimes I wonder why I am not diabetic?
  • Actually speaking of diabeetus. I am pretty sure I was pre-diabetic before I started my weight-loss journey. I never got checked out for it, but I had pretty much all the signs. Including the loss of vision at times.
  • Now you see why I am surprised I am not diabetic.
  • Within the next few weeks expect a post about my food habits and beliefs. I have a lot of opinions on food and what we are and are not eating here in America.
  • This is worth a chuckle.
  • My brother is doing summer sales in Texas starting in May and he is driving down from Utah. Since he doesn’t want to drive it alone he asked me to go along with him and then I’ll just fly home. I love road trips so I started planning it out.
  • We could take a number of directions there which all are about the same distance. We thought about going through Denver, going through Alburquerque or even through the Price. But, we want it to be an adventure so we started looking for places we could visit. Landmarks, oddities, etc.
  • We both kind of want to visit Alburquerque so we can visit all of the Breaking Bad sites from the show. We’re both fans and think it would be a fun experience.
  • But, we’re up for anything on the way from Salt Lake City to Texas. Any suggestions?
  • I had my first Yoga experience this past week. Here’s evidence.
  • I love when my niece calls Yoga, yogurt.
  • I hate yogurt. Well, generally speaking. After being lactose intolerant as of last year I can’t eat a yogurt without feeling … well I’ll stop it there. No further description is needed.
  • Apparently I need to step up my game?
  • Okay, speaking of selfies, this is funny. Sad, but funny. I’m glad he wasn’t seriously hurt.
  • Do I have a “selfie” problem? … NAH!
  • I used to watch Bob Ross and Julia Child (I share a birthday with her, don’tcha know?) on Saturday mornings as a kid. Of course with a bowl of ice cream in front of me (you want to know how I got fat? That’s one of the BIG reasons).
  • For a while I played around with the idea of calling my book “No More Ice Cream for Breakfast” … I still like that title though.
  • Sometimes I still want ice cream for breakfast. I’m afraid those cravings sometimes never really go away? Do I cave into those cravings? Nope. Again, it helps being lactose intolerant and remembering what ice cream does to you now … TMI, I’m sorry. 
  • This just made breakfast even that much more awesome!
  • I think I need a Sears burrito tomorrow after the Salt Lake City Half. That just really seems like the best idea at this moment.
  • And. maybe even a dang quesadilla?
  • I am really excited for the Boston Marathon on Monday. Not just because of what happened last year, but because it really is the Super Bowl of Running. Plus, I have a few running friends that will be running it this year.
  • One day I would love to volunteer at the Boston Marathon. Even if that’s the only way I can get into Boston, what a great way to get into Boston, right?
  • I am going to wear my shirt that I made for Boston last year to work on Monday. Seems fitting.

Well, I think that’s about it for me this weekend. Have a great Easter weekend full of awesomeness and by awesomeness I mean … RUNNING!!!