Is Running Normally Or Using Treadmill Better

The world is moving fast, and we have to keep up with it. You can play and work like a horse, but once you turn a 30 plus, you experience pains and loss in stamina. You get weak and more vulnerable as your get older, and this is one of the common issues in the world. Many people are working in companies and have busy schedules which do not allow them to workout.

However, there is another story, which says that doesn’t matter how long or how short a day is for a person, he or she should sometimes make for the workout, or you can put up weight which can turn into a problem after few years. If you want to keep up the speed even when you become older, then you should start working out at a young age, and you can say goodbye to the weakness and other ailments, which is caused by the bad diet and non-workout life.

Those who workout every day and make it part of their life are known to survive in the industry for years. I’m not talking about the Bodybuilders who comes out of the GYM. I’m talking about the fitness exercise which many people do on a daily basis.

Is Running Normally Or Using Treadmill Better?

I would agree with those who don’t like to hit GYM every day, but they want to workout for the sake of their health. If you are someone who doesn’t want to hit GYM but want to remain fit, then you can always buy equipment which is meant for your requirement. Fitness equipment is very expensive, but there are few machines which are affordable and easy to use. You can buy them to workout every day and make it your daily routine.

How about the purchase of a new treadmill? Well, the treadmill is known as stress busters and keep your mind sharp. It is true that they are similar to the running, but it also has other benefits which I will mention to give you a clear picture of why you should get it.

Treadmill Benefits

  • The treadmill is similar to the running, but if you are living in an area, where space is an issue, then you should get it. You can also opt for elliptical machines which gives you pretty much similar way to workout. (Source 
  • Not every society is open, and sometimes parks are completely crowded even early morning.
  • If you are someone who doesn’t want to waste a single minute on getting ready for the GYM, then you can get this at home, so that you can workout the moment you wake up.
  • Weight? Those who want to burn hundreds of calories, then Treadmill can help you in burning few calories.
  • Treadmills are good for your heart but ensure you are not overdoing it.
  • The surface of the treadmill is much softer than the Roads.
  • The extreme weather is always unpredictable, and your body tries to adjust its temperature according to the weather, which can slow down the rise in temperature.
  • It doesn’t consume much of your room space.
  • The price of the treadmills are affordable, so you don’t have to break your bank vault to buy it.

It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before you start working on it. Many people have sustained injuries because they had ailments while working out. So ensure that you are asking your doctor for further information.


Working out is an easy task once you get used to it, but when you are doing it, the wrong can also result in injuries and damages, so our tea advises you to consult a doctor who can give you proper advice on whether you should work out or not. If you have any questions, then do let us know in the comments.

RACE 58: Salt Lake City Half Marathon

There are races for races sake and then there are defining races. This race was one of those defining races for me. It wasn’t because I PR’d or got that elusive sub-two goal (heck, I didn’t even get a sub-three time) nor did I reach some other running goal of mine. By all standards you probably could have said that I had a REALLY crappy run. But, I feel quite the opposite. This run changed my perspective on how I look at running. It gave me a deeper appreciation and love for the sport and it opened my eyes to the journeys of all those running the same course as myself.

I did go into the race with a time goal. I really felt that I could match last year’s time (2:28:28) if not exceed that, especially with the course change. I worked myself towards that lately with my speed work and training. Leading up to Friday I felt good about my chances. But, at the same time I was a bit nervous because I was working the Salt Lake Comic Con with my family during the day and then organizing ghost hunts on Thursday and Friday nights until almost nearly 2am. I knew I was going to be running on not that much sleep. But, I felt like I could push through it and do my best.

So coming off about two hours of sleep on Saturday morning, I headed out to run my race. I met up with Kasie, Becky and Nate her husband. We walked from their apartment to the starting line on the campus of the University of Utah. There we met up with a number of other RA group members before the race started. We were going to meet up for a group picture, but they moved the starting line at the last minute and that kind of messed it up. Either way, we’re always a fun crazy bunch that has made running fun for me.

Once we started the race it was apparent that it was going to be tough. We had to run up North Campus Drive into Federal Heights. It was a hill I don’t think anyone wanted to run up, especially that early into the race. But, adrenaline and a packed crowd of runners made it bearable. But, that wasn’t the only big hill we had to conquer within the first couple of miles. We had two others sizeable hills we had to run up. I sucked it them up for the most part, but on the last hill my legs were just not there. They were drained and I knew this was going to be a tough run.

After stopping for a minute to stretch and regroup I felt confident all was not lost and I just kept trudging along. I knew there was going to be the 800 South hill we’d have to conquer later, but I knew it wasn’t going to be that bad until then. So, I just ran. I actually started feeling better and by the mile three aid station I felt pretty good.

But, as I was taking off my jacket (that I stupidly wore) at the aid station I got this strong impression to stop, take out my headphones, find someone to run with and have fun. Fighting this impression I started back out. But, once I got down into Memory Grove got even louder. I tried to shut it up, but I just couldn’t ignore it. I couldn’t.

So I stepped aside on the path, took out my headphones and cheered on some runners as I scanned the crowd. Less than 30 seconds later I ran into my friend Nikki Harris. She and I go to the same gym and we are both consultants for Zeal. She is awesome and very much a go getter. This was her first half marathon after a LONG break from it. So I jumped right in and joined her and her little group.

In no time we ran into a soldier named Jessica from Seattle running with an American Flag. I asked her what she was running for because she had a sign pinned to her back that I couldn’t really read. She said she was running for deployed soldiers and their families. But, that wasn’t just it. She was also being deployed within two weeks for a year. She had family here in the Salt Lake area so she came down from Seattle to spend time with them and decided to run the half as well. A true hero. I was glad that I got to run with her for a couple of miles, something if I was too wrapped up in my music and goal.

Once we got to the 800 South hill I backed off and walked up the hill separating myself from both Nikki and Jessica. I took my time at the aid station. Like, really, I took my time. I packed my pockets with Chocolate Gu, checked my phone, posted some pictures on Facebook and Instagram and then scouted the course for someone else to run with. I was kind of hoping to run into my friend Jill at this point. I almost immediately spotted a couple of older women who were both Marathon Maniacs. So I jumped in with them and introduced myself as a Double Agent (meaning being both a Marathon Maniac and Half Fanatic). We talked for about a mile before the course split for the marathoners and halfers.

I was once alone again. Once I reached the aid station at about 8 mile mark I decided to stay for a while, because I really wanted to run with Jill. So, I hung out at the medical table and handed out bagels that were just laying there. BAGELS! I didn’t eat any, but there were a few runners that took up my offer. But, most looked at me like a crazy person running in a tie-dye cat shirt handing out bagels. Which I guess is a pretty good description.

But, within a few minutes of handing out bagels and stealing more Chocolate Gu I finally ran into Jill! She was running alongside our friend Shelley. I was so glad I got to run with Jill. She is a true inspiration to me. She has gone through a lot to get to this point in her life. Nearly four years ago she lost her first born, Isabel. I won’t recount her whole story, she does a wonderful job of that on her blog. But, Jill has had to work through a lot to come to terms with losing Isabel and running has helped her and her husband Mark find peace in that.

I remember seeing this running spark happen two years ago at the Salt Lake Marathon finish line. She, Mark and their daughter Addison were there cheering me and some other friends on. You could tell as we waited there for our other friends that Jill caught the bug. She didn’t necessarily believe she’d get there, but the possibility of a 5K was definitely in her mind. But, over the next year she started running. She ran her first 5K and then her first half marathon last May. She’s kept her running goals going even when she had to step aside for some short periods because of injuries.

But, she’s been working hard to get ready for this race, while also preparing for her first marathon in September. It hasn’t been easy for her. I’ve noticed that throughout her journey. But, she is carried by this immense feeling of being the mother that her daughter Isabel and Addison deserve. She wants to be an example to her girls and make them proud. Something I know they both see and know. Jill is a fighter. She’s prepared herself for these kind of moments. She’s fought for her happiness and I have the utmost respect for her. She is a true friend that inspires me to no end.

Once I ran into Jill you could tell that she was having a tough run. Her feet were hurting pretty bad from some of the early hills. But, we were both glad to see each other. So I ran the rest the remaining five miles with her. In all honesty it was some of the most fun five miles I’ve ever ran. We laughed, we cried, we cursed and sucked it up at times. We also made sure we stopped at each photograph along the way to pose. We did a jumping picture (naturally), a centerfold picture with me prostrate on the ground and Jill over my hips, a wheelbarrow, a “we’re dead tired” picture. But, my favorite was our last picture together crossing the finish line with Slurpees raised in victory.

Yes, you heard me right. Slurpees.

As we turned onto the home stretch on 200 West, there was a 7 Eleven on the corner. And, I knew we needed to get Slurpees before we finished. I’ve always joked about veering off course during a race to get a Slurpee. Well, today was the day. We weren’t going to get our sub-three time, so why not? We wandered into the store and were greeted by a lady who kind of laughed about our mission. She started talking about her son who runs all the Disney races and her experience walking a Disney 5K. It was actually kind of cool.

But, once we got back on course with our Slurpees in hand, we were greeted with spectators cheering us on with laughter and words of encouragement. Even the MC made a comment about our choice of beverage. It was a fun moment for both Jill and I. But, once we crossed the finish line we met up with Mark and the rest of our running friends who waited for us. These kind of moments are the moments I absolutely love about running. There is nothing better than enjoying the feat of finishing 13.1, 26.2 or whatever mileage with a group of friends that do nothing but encourage, uplift and motivate.

Not to mention laugh.

While my 3:06:46 might not be my best time. I don’t feel it properly measures the impact the race had on me. It wasn’t really my race. I knew fairly early on that I wasn’t going to PR and I felt this need to hold back really just enjoy the race, enjoy the people and enjoy the moment. Not to mention, I really wanted to run with my friend Jill. She’s worked so hard for this moment that I wanted to be a part of that with her.

I really felt that this race gave me a deeper appreciation for the gift of running. For some it’s pretty easy, for others it takes a lot of effort and then there are those that fight for it with everything they have. I know how it feels to fight to get what you want. And, I needed this reminder that there are fighters everywhere. Whether it’s a veteran running for active military or friends getting back into a sports after years away. Then there are those fighters that run because defeat is not an option.

I need this race. I need this reminder. I don’t feel like I took a step back in my goals. I still feel that I am on pace with my sub-two goal. With more speed work and more sleep I am sure that I will get that either this summer or fall. But, for now, I need this lesson, especially working up to my marathon this summer. It’s funny what you learn along the way to running 26.2.

But, I am proud with everyone that ran yesterday, but especially Jill who dedicated the run to her dear Isabel.

Now onto the Winter Circuit 30K this weekend in Ogden. I can’t wait to run it with Becky. It’s going to be a blast.

Fartlek Friday XVI: Let The Month Of Races Commence

Welp, the dawn of the running season is among us. Tomorrow I will be running the Salt Lake City Half Marathon (58th race and 53rd half overall) which will be my first of five consecutive race weekends. I just realized that I’ll be racing five consecutive weekends after Becky pointed it out to me the other day (I should really start looking at my schedule much better, eh?).

I got interviewed by the podcast “Half Size Me” on Monday. More info about when my episode will air to come later.

I’m not complaining, quite the opposite really. I’m really excited. I’ve got the SLC Half this weekend, then the Winter Circuit 30K next weekend, the Provo City Half on May 3rd, the Vigor Big Cottonwood Half on May 10th and then the Ironwill Half on May 17th. I’ve been toying with the idea of running the Alpine Classic Half (which I ran last year) on May 24th, but the motivation for that just isn’t there. Plus, it’s a lot of hills. Not my most favorite thing in the world (well that and talking to an automated prompt call system).

But, I also might be road tripping it to Texas with my brother that weekend, but more on that later.

My love for Frozen Yogurt is eternal. E-T-E-R-N-A-L. That means never ending with no end.

But, the running season is TRULY among us. I am excited, I am pumped, I am ready and I won’t ever know what it feels like to sleep in FOR A LONG TIME. It’s that time of the year where you get those 2am wake up calls so you can catch a 4am bus up the canyon. Which also means all those wild and crazy Friday nights now end before the sun sets.

Sometimes I feel like running is preparing me for kids? Or maybe senior citizenship? (Sidenote: My Grandma goes to bed at 7pm most nights and last week I heard her taking a bath at 4:30am. 4:30AM!!!).

I really do love racing season. Well, it’s a combination of running and summer weather. Plus, there are so many gorgeous places to run here in Utah. Especially all those canyons. I absolutely love it. I am really excited to spend time running, being friends, making new friends and working towards my 2014 goals.

Picture opts are the best at Comic Con. Here I am with Sharknado in September. I love her face. Priceless. I hope I see her again.

This past week has been really busy with other things besides running. The Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX is in full swing. I’ve been working it since yesterday and was working a ghost hunt last night until 2:30am (with another one tonight). It’s exhausting, but TREMENDOUSLY fun. I’ll blog more about my experience next week. Just know that if you’re not there you’re missing out.

Oh, yeah … and Easter is this weekend. I would write more about that, but we’re celebrating next weekend when we have more family in town. Plus, the whole family is involved in Comic Con so I’m sure we’ll all be catching up on our sleep on Sunday.

Besides running and Comic Con there’s been a number of other things that have caught my attention this week. Here are just a few …

  • Have you noticed the subtle changes I’ve made to the blog? I changed the banner design a bit. The main logo is different and the pictures rotate telling more about my story. Stay tuned for a few more changes in the weeks to come …
  • This seems fitting with Comic Con and all happening this weekend.
  • Since tax day was this past week I found this pretty interesting …
  • Welp, the Jazz nightmare season is finally over. Actually, I don’t know if you would really call it a nightmare because it was kind of expected, but I am ready for next year already.
  • Now, I’m praying for Jabari Parker to join the Jazz.
  • Speaking of sports the NHL playoffs are underway … GO SHARKS!
  • Gosh, I can’t wait until Shark Week is here again.
  • If you are wondering … the Tiger Shark is my favorite shark. The Great White is awesome, but the Tiger Shark. That’s one bad … shark. They’re like the Chuck Norris of the sea.
  • Speaking of Chuck Norris I love this sign from a marathon. So true.
  • Okay this gave me a smile and a waterfall down my cheeks.
  • I might have also gotten the same reaction to this as well.
  • Sometimes I catch myself on “the road less traveled” and by that I mean, the longest possible way to do the easiest of tasks.
  • I’m still trying to figure out my July races. I’m signed up so far for just the Timp Half (July 19). But, I plan on doing a back-to-back half on July 11th and 12th. One will be the Midnight Legacy Run on the 11th and then other one will most likely be the Farmington Days Half, but there’s also a canyon-to-canyon half run that day in Salt Lake … so I am not sure.
  • I am also debating if I want to a half marathon on Pioneer Day or a local 5K? Decisions, decisions, decisions …
  • I really wish there was a half marathon around here in Salt Lake City on the 4th of July weekend.
  • I feel like I need to declare my love for frozen yogurt right now. I LOVE YOU FROYO!
  • Oh gosh why I did I have to see this?
  • This just looks nasty.
  • I hate KFC, but this commercial made me laugh.
  • I was interviewed by the podcast Half Size Me on Monday night. What an awesome experience! I am not sure when my episode will go live, but I will keep you posted. I love being able to share my story with others.
  • I’ve had a few people mention that I should start my own podcast. I’m not sure? It’s a lot of work. I would be more apt to doing a YouTube vlog though. But, I don’t know how exciting that would really be?
  • But, my true desire is to one day become a Vine Superstar. Some day …
  • Have I expressed my love for FroYo yet today?
  • I should give this to my co-worker.
  • Easter candy has to honestly be the best seasonal candy. Ever. How can you beat Peeps, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies? You can’t? Christmas has chocolate Santas, but no jelly beans or Peeps. Sure there’s Snowman Peeps, but I don’t count those. EASTER CANDY ROCKS!!!
  • My favorite Easter candy by far is Spiced Jelly Beans. I bought $20 worth (about 18 packages) that last me the year. I don’t eat them outside of running though. I take a few on long runs and my races. Last year I ran out of my last ones in October.
  • Sometimes I wonder why I am not diabetic?
  • Actually speaking of diabeetus. I am pretty sure I was pre-diabetic before I started my weight-loss journey. I never got checked out for it, but I had pretty much all the signs. Including the loss of vision at times.
  • Now you see why I am surprised I am not diabetic.
  • Within the next few weeks expect a post about my food habits and beliefs. I have a lot of opinions on food and what we are and are not eating here in America.
  • This is worth a chuckle.
  • My brother is doing summer sales in Texas starting in May and he is driving down from Utah. Since he doesn’t want to drive it alone he asked me to go along with him and then I’ll just fly home. I love road trips so I started planning it out.
  • We could take a number of directions there which all are about the same distance. We thought about going through Denver, going through Alburquerque or even through the Price. But, we want it to be an adventure so we started looking for places we could visit. Landmarks, oddities, etc.
  • We both kind of want to visit Alburquerque so we can visit all of the Breaking Bad sites from the show. We’re both fans and think it would be a fun experience.
  • But, we’re up for anything on the way from Salt Lake City to Texas. Any suggestions?
  • I had my first Yoga experience this past week. Here’s evidence.
  • I love when my niece calls Yoga, yogurt.
  • I hate yogurt. Well, generally speaking. After being lactose intolerant as of last year I can’t eat a yogurt without feeling … well I’ll stop it there. No further description is needed.
  • Apparently I need to step up my game?
  • Okay, speaking of selfies, this is funny. Sad, but funny. I’m glad he wasn’t seriously hurt.
  • Do I have a “selfie” problem? … NAH!
  • I used to watch Bob Ross and Julia Child (I share a birthday with her, don’tcha know?) on Saturday mornings as a kid. Of course with a bowl of ice cream in front of me (you want to know how I got fat? That’s one of the BIG reasons).
  • For a while I played around with the idea of calling my book “No More Ice Cream for Breakfast” … I still like that title though.
  • Sometimes I still want ice cream for breakfast. I’m afraid those cravings sometimes never really go away? Do I cave into those cravings? Nope. Again, it helps being lactose intolerant and remembering what ice cream does to you now … TMI, I’m sorry. 
  • This just made breakfast even that much more awesome!
  • I think I need a Sears burrito tomorrow after the Salt Lake City Half. That just really seems like the best idea at this moment.
  • And. maybe even a dang quesadilla?
  • I am really excited for the Boston Marathon on Monday. Not just because of what happened last year, but because it really is the Super Bowl of Running. Plus, I have a few running friends that will be running it this year.
  • One day I would love to volunteer at the Boston Marathon. Even if that’s the only way I can get into Boston, what a great way to get into Boston, right?
  • I am going to wear my shirt that I made for Boston last year to work on Monday. Seems fitting.

Well, I think that’s about it for me this weekend. Have a great Easter weekend full of awesomeness and by awesomeness I mean … RUNNING!!!

TBT: Little Josh’s Saturday Morning Rituals

#tbt is a new series that I am doing. Instead of posting JUST pictures of awkward/cute/precious/memorable moments in the past, I am also accompanying it with a throwback story as well. I hope this will give you more of an insight of what kind of kid (and adult in some instances) I was. Enjoy.

I was a strange kid. Really, I mean that. My mother will more than vouch on that one. I did my own thing and for the most part my parents just kind of let me go through a lot of trial and error. I really think this was because they didn’t know what else to do with me?

I was very quirky. I was the kid that would fight MIGHTLY getting out of bed every day of the weekend except for Saturday. I was oft times up and at them at 6-6:30am watching cartoons and my stories. I find it funny that nearly 30 years later I am quite the opposite. I am up and at it except for Saturdays (outside of race season of course). If I knew then what I know now I would have been sleeping in on Saturdays like a bandit.

But, alas, I did not. I was a dumb kid in that regard.

Since I was usually the first one up in the house I kind of had the house to myself. I would plant in front of the TV and watch Saturday morning cartoons while usually chowing down on cereal and ice cream. Not to mention a plethora of other foods. I don’t know why, but I loved putting ice cream and chocolate sauce in flour tortillas. It was no Choco-Taco, but I loved them. I am fairly certain that at least 100lbs. of my childhood obesity was created on Saturday mornings in my front living room.

I would plant myself in front of the TV for a good 4-5 hours until my parents got ready for the day and kind of forced me to do something else. Usually chores or anything besides TV. But, wasn’t before I also watched my favorites … Bob Ross and Julia Child on PBS. Yeah, kids, before Arthur there was Bob Ross and Julia Child. I guess that dates me, but I loved both. Food and art were some of my passions (though I am sure Julia Child would never approve of my ice cream tacos).

Here are a few memories I have of my Saturday Mornings as a kid …

    • There were a lot of times that I wouldn’t even bother getting dressed to watch Saturday morning cartoons. I can’t tell you how many times my Mom told me to go put pants on.
    • I still don’t like pants, but that’s a whole other story.
    • My favorite Saturday morning cartoon was The Real Ghostbusters and Flintstone Babies.
    • The Muppet Babies were a close second.
    • My favorite way to eat cereal was to pour a bowl of Lucky Charms in a big bowl, drowned it in milk and then add a scoop (or two, usually two) into the cereal. I’d then let it sit for a few minutes and eat it. Best thing ever. Trust me.
    • My second favorite breakfast was to scoop vanilla ice cream and poor chocolate sauce on a flour tortilla and eat it like a taco. It sounds gross (and is gross), but at the time I loved it. Why, Josh? Why?
    • There was one time as an young teenager I drank a whole 2-liter of Black Cherry Shasta soda before anyone woke up on Saturday morning. Yep.
    • I watched a lot of Julia Child and Bob Ross on PBS growing up. That is why I love cooking and desperately want a pet squirrel.
    • I remember one Saturday morning going to a Church Primary party and eating eight pancakes. It started off as a contest, but I won after the four pancake and last four were merely for show. I never quite knew when to stop.
    • Have I mentioned my distain for pants yet?
    • My favorite show on Saturday mornings as a teenager was NBA Inside Stuff. I was a sports junkie at an early age.
    • When we got the internet in the 90s, I hated getting on the TV early in the morning because the dialup would always wake someone up.
    • I will always remember sucking air playing Church Ball on Saturday mornings down at the Stake Center. I loved playing, but I was so out of shape I hated running from one side of the court to the other. Luckily, now that is not a problem and something I love to do.
    • I remember when Steve Urkel got his own Saturday morning cartoon. It was horrible.
    • I can’t even tell you how often I would eat leftover pizza on Saturday morning, followed by a second breakfast once my family got up.
    • I remember having sleepovers at my Grandparents and every Saturday morning my Grandpa would make banana pancakes for us grandkids. That’s one of my favorite memories as a kid.
    • One of my least favorite was sleeping over at my friend’s house and then in the morning his Mom would make whoever stayed over to do chores before we could leave. I guess it was fair if we ate breakfast there, but still …
    • Sometimes as a kid I would watch the stupid informercials because I was too lazy to get up and turn the channel. Even if the remote wasn’t that far away.

In retrospect, I sure made some memories and ate some crappy food. But, I wish that I didn’t stay in front of a TV that much. I was I was a bit more ambitious as a kid. I wish I went outside more. I wish I got involved in sports more. I don’t feel like I missed out on life, but in a way you have wonder if you did. For many years I kind of let TV guide me.

When I become a parent I don’t want my kids to follow in my footsteps in that regard. I want them to have a childhood that doesn’t involve a control panel. I want them to go outside. I want them to make memories with their siblings and friends, not just with the Bob Rosses and Julia Childs of the world. Or the Miley Cyruses or Justin Biebers of the world.

Gosh I am sounding like an ornery old fart.

But, I think my point is, that you’ve got to live your life. Don’t let outside factors control that. Be the master of destiny, shape it the way you see it. Create it.

You’re got going to necessarily find that watching TV while eating ice cream tacos on the couch in your underwear.

What were you like as a kid? What are some of your memories as a kid on Saturday mornings?

Fun Monday Madness

There are two things I love more than anything (well almost anything) … that’s sharing my story and getting things in the mail. And, well, Monday provided me with both! How lucky am I, right?

Last week I ordered a Road ID bracelet and a couple t-shirts that were on sale. I’ve had a Road ID bracelet before, but the information is now a tad out of date so I decided to get another one. Totally worth the money, especially when you are out running a lot. You never know if you will need it.

The t-shirts are quite simple and awesome. The perfect shirt for a runner. I got a charcoal gray shirt that says “twentysix.two” and a heather blue one that says “” They are already my favorite shirts. I can’t wait to go running in them.

But, the best part of the day was being interviewed by Heather Robertson from the Half Size Me podcast. I shared a bit about my weight-loss and running journey. How I mentally prepared and went through my journey. It was a really neat experience.

I’m grateful that the podcast will be edited, because we had a couple disruptions with my niece coming into my quarantined room and then our dog started barking at the door. Perfect!

But, Heather was wonderful and very personable. The interview flowed beautifully and it was awesome being able to share my story on a big stage. I am not sure when my interview will air, but I will share it when it goes live.

What a great kickoff to a fun, busy week. Now on to Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX and the Salt Lake Half Marathon! BRING IT ON!

Bostonstrong One Year Later

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. I know it sounds cliche, but … really … it seems like yesterday. I remember spending my lunch hour to follow the marathon on my computer. Once my lunch hour was up I turned it off only to start getting updates on social media about some kind of bombing or explosive at the race.

Immediately the coverage went back up. I was enthralled, saddened and upset. I was in shock on the devastation and panic it caused. For those thousands that were celebrating this wonderful occasion, that moment was taken away in a moment. The lives it affected was tremendous. From those that lost their lives, caused grave injury to the many others it affected in one way or another.

And, then there were the runners. As a runner I understood what kind of accomplish a marathon is. And, the Boston Marathon to runners is the Super Bowl of running. It’s the goal of many. I’ve had friends succeed in qualifying with ease and I’ve had friends fight for it year after year. The standards and qualifications are high for a reason.

This was their moment, yet it was taken away from them.

This profoundly affected me. It made running to me much more personal, especially as I was preparing for the Salt Lake Half Marathon later that week. It was hard to prepare knowing that many in the running community and Boston were hurting. So I wanted to find a way to honor Boston at my race.

With the help of some great friends I was able to design and get a tech t-shirt printed before the race. It really was an act of God, but it turned out exactly how I felt and it gave a message to the running community, Boston and the world that not just me, but thousands others in Salt Lake were thinking of them.

The Salt Lake Marathon did a wonderful job honoring Boston as well. Many runners showed up in green, many wore their Boston Marathon gear while others wore Boston Red Sox hats or Celtics gear. The race even started off the race with a moment of silence and playing of Sweet Caroline. They were all great tributes.

While, running the Salt Lake race was therapeutic for many, it didn’t erase or cure the struggles for those personally affected by the bombings over 2300 miles away. But, it showed to me the resolve that is not just the running family, but that of the American people. The way we get back up in moments like this and do our duty is truly the American way. No terrorist can break that.

That’s why it is important for us now, as it was a year ago to heed the call for peace from the late Martin Richard …

No More Hurting People. Peace.

To me, that’s what it means to be Boston Strong.